Selasa, 21 April 2009

The New And Unique Social Network Site

Acobay is a brand new and unique social network site. At Acobay people can share with the other people. Example : what cars they Drive, What place they Visit, What Phone Do you use, what Brand Is Your Computer, and many Other interesting thing so you can interact with other Peoples of same interest. Of course you can make and get personalized recommendation.

As a New Unique Social Network site, Acobay is still a beta release. But don't worry because it's Updated constantly, and you can expect see improvement and new features are applied day to day.

I have some tips before you Blog on Acobay, please try it as a real user otherwise you cannot get to know how fun it is playing with Acobay! And i strongly recommend you to:
1) Register a user account at Acobay
2) Fill out About me
3) Share a dozen stuff that will build a meaningful network and the network powers other interesting features.
4) Join the discussion
5) Try Stuff Idea and other features.

So let's Visit Acobay and share our interest on something with other Peoples. Maybe you can find a Friend and make a relationship with them. I have Joined this site in a few weeks ago, and i join group of Movie Network.

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