Senin, 09 Februari 2009

The Userbar Designer

Userbar Designer is a paint program designed specifically to create userbars. This aplication need no download but runs in your browser. If you have an idea about for a userbar but just don't feel like learning PhotoShop or GIMP, you have to come in this place.

Maybe you still don't know what are the usebars. What are userbars? Userbars (aka Signature Bars, Sig Bars or User Bars) are a special kind of forum signature that is 350 pixels wide and 19 pixels tall, usually created with programs like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, that many forum community, email and social network (such as MySpace) users attach to their signature or website to express their personality and interests. But Generally userbars are not Macromedia Flash animations.

So, if you need userbar Designer or you want to use it, you can join them. This Userbar designer is simple and need no download but runs in your browser as i said before.

There is Userbar Animator too as an example of Userbar Designer, lets say you consolidate multiple usebars into a single "slideshow" of multiple userbars. Lets say that you are a tax attorney who drives a hybrid car, are a huge fan of the LOST TV series, enjoy music by Kiss and donate blood. You could attach all four of the userbars in the 'Before' box below to your signature.

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Wah bau $$ nie..dari RM ya ??

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