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Mobile Marketing Product And Solutions

Mobile marketing ProductDo you need A mobile Marketing Product Or Mobile Marketing solutions? I've found sites that can help you On that. It's easy and simple to get their service. They Include :

1. Mobile Marketing

Our do-it-yourself turnkey text message solution has made mobile marketing and mobile advertising easy. You can set up your own bulk text messaging, text message voting, mobile coupons, or other mobile marketing campaign in just a few clicks of your mouse. We even give you the online tools to create your own WAP site. Using text messaging for interactive marketing campaigns is easy with 84444.com.
When our shared short code receives an incoming text message, a response text message is returned. Most important, the consumer’s cell phone number is stored for future database marketing efforts. You can then send a broadcast bulk SMS blast to your opt-in database and even allow your customers to access your mobile internet WAP site. Businesses can use text messaging for marketing for as little as $79 per month.
There are no contracts and no start up fees. Advertising on mobile phones through web based SMS marketing has never been more affordable. 84444.com makes creating mobile marketing campaigns easy. Try it and you’ll soon learn why The New York Times called mobile advertising: “The Most Powerful Advertising Medium of All-Time.”

2. Mobile Advertising
Advertising agencies know what works best for their customers. And successful ad agencies know that you have to be ahead of the creative curve to create profit for your clients. When considering the types of advertising today, modern advertising methods include text messaging. Including text messages as part of an advertising campaign will insure increased return on investment (ROI). Agencies can create effective and compelling marketing campaigns using 84444.com for their clients. Using 84444.com for your campaign is simple, cost effective and is the best way to create new revenue streams. And isn’t that exactly what your clients expect from you?

3. Database Marketing
Due to its immediacy, the uses for 84444.com are seemingly endless. Major advertisers and advertising agencies are using 84444.com because no other medium works as well for a profitable ROI and no other medium makes a product more relevant to teens and young adults.While some of the customers of 84444.com are major national advertisers, others are local organizations like the soccer club and the Little League that want to notify their players that practices are cancelled today.Still others are major universities and schools who know that one great way to notify students and faculty on-the-go is with the only device that they will always have with them--their cell phone.

4. And many Others service they give to us.

84444.com is a do-it-yourself mobile marketing product and solutions. It enables advertisers and organizations to set up interactive and broadcast text message advertising campaigns with just a few clicks of the mouse.

In the early 1990's, advertisers began putting 800 numbers into their advertising campaigns so that consumers could easily and freely obtain more information about those products. Today, advertisers are including a keyword and short code for more information to be sent to consumers via text message to their cell phone.

For example, Subway recently launched an interactive promotion with 84444.com where consumers had a chance to win a $100 Subway gift card. Thus, Subway created an "opt-in" database of consumers who ate at Subway. Subway could then send broadcast text messages of weekly specials to that database. Moreover, it sent those text messages just before lunch time when the customers are hungry and deciding where to go for lunch.

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ehem-ehem this info is interesting.thank you

Senoaji on 2/21/2009 4:47 PM mengatakan...

full of reference nice...

Mobile Marketing - WHAM on 11/16/2009 10:47 AM mengatakan...

Nice article. Mobile Marketing is becoming alot more acceptable in the marketing / agency world.

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